Loving Someone with ADHD

Can't Help But Fall in Love with My ADHD Partner

Loving someone with ADHD may be challenging, with all the symptoms that can affect the dynamics of the relationship. Learn more about how you can support your partner with ADHD in this blog. 

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Loving Someone with ADHD

I am not a relationship expert nor a mental health professional; I admit that. But as someone whose partner has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I think I can help you better understand what it feels like to love someone with ADHD. 💏

Loving Someone with ADHD

There can be challenges along the way, and ADHD signs and symptoms might affect the dynamics of the relationship. Deep down, though, it boils down to clear communication and setting expectations. Romantic relationships with people with ADHD can still be healthy even though there might be mental health issues that need addressing. ADHD plays a significant factor in relationships, because when not addressed, it may negatively impact both partners. 

This article is intended for someone with a partner with ADHD. It can give you more insight into your role as someone who is the non ADHD partner. 

Loving Someone with ADHD: Did not Notice

There are coping strategies and notes on relationships found here, which can help you build a lasting bond with your ADHD partner. Learn how you can better support them through their ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Just remember to be open with them, particularly if things aren't working out. Above anything else, be sure that both of you are on the same page through healthy communication. 

Maintaining Relationships: How To Do It With ADHD Diagnosis? 

First of all, try to know everything about adult ADHD symptoms and treatment and your partner. Like any other romantic relationship, knowing everything about your significant other can better help you understand their situation. 

To give you an idea, ADHD is a neurodivergent condition that affects the brain's executive functions, which are responsible for prioritizing, managing time, organizing, allocating resources efficiently, sustaining focus and paying attention to relevant things, controlling impulses, and being able to change behavior in response to external conditions.

Loving Someone with ADHD: Was Fascinated by their Incredible Mind

Oftentimes, ADHD can affect how we handle our emotions and mental health. A partner with ADHD might be hurt by simple things that a non ADHD partner typically wouldn’t sweat about. Some people with ADHD may struggle in telling the truth because they are afraid of being judged negatively. They can likewise have difficulty understanding details because of their inattentive ADHD symptoms, like forgetting important dates and preferences.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can impose trouble in maintaining romantic relationships. That's why knowing your partner's needs and understanding how ADHD affects everything would be helpful. Knowing the ins and outs of ADHD helps you support them better. It can also enable you to deal with conflict and disagreements more productively because it helps address some problems, like emotional outbursts, trouble completing tasks, and other issues related to ADHD.

Experts recommend that before going into a relationship with people with ADHD, you must first know some things about ADHD. If the person is your friend, then it might be a little easier because you know their background. It would be best if you learned about how adult ADHD affects their behavior before doing anything else.

Loving Someone with ADHD: Saw some Situations were Difficult for them
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ADHD Symptoms to Look Out For While in a Relationship

There are plenty of adult ADHD signs and symptoms to consider when you’re loving someone with ADHD. Aside from that, ADHD is also complex and can be experienced differently between people. ADHD type and its symptoms must be considered accordingly. Here are some adult ADHD traits to look out for in a healthy relationship:

Loving Someone with ADHD: Communication was Complicated
  • In the early stages of dating, it is essential to understand your partner's attention to detail and focus in conversations, not just when talking about themselves. This can also help you understand how their ADHD condition interacts with their tasks and life in general.
  • Understanding your partner's attention span, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity tendencies can help you know how to support them better during arguments and disagreements throughout your relationship.
  • A partner with ADHD can have difficulty organizing things and time management. They might have a cluttered house or office that can become a source of conflict and frustration for both parties involved, especially if there are things to be organized and set up.
  • Understanding how they function under pressure is essential because ADHD symptoms tend to make them do everything last minute, which might lead to them not finishing tasks as planned.
  • A daily life spent with a person with ADHD can be like living on a roller coaster ride. It might get stressful and frustrating for both of you if things don't work out well. Please support them by being patient with them. After all, they are just human, too, with their own sets of imperfections.
  • A person with ADHD may have difficulty handling their emotions. There are times when feelings are overwhelming, and they cannot even start a conversation with you.
  • There are times that they can't remember essential things, so be ready to create a to-do list and sticky notes hanging everywhere for reminders.
  • Understanding how your partner manages their time since they are usually late for meetings, events, parties, dates, etc., might help you better support them.
  • Since being impulsive can be one of the ADHD symptoms that people have, there are times that they might say something without thinking hard, which can hurt the other person's feelings. Just be prepared for it.
Loving Someone with ADHD: Spent Hours Talking Trying to Understand each other.

I am not saying that once these ADHD characteristics show up, you have to leave your partner or make your partner feel differently from others. ADHD is a lifelong condition that needs continuous understanding and acceptance from both parties involved. Loving a person with ADHD might have challenges, but they are nothing compared to the commitment and happiness the lasting relationship brings. 

To My ADHD Partner...

I am a person who'll try to be with you from your ADHD diagnosis up until your treatment. ❤️ I'll try my best to keep up with your mental health condition, too, and support you in whatever you are going through. I'll always be here to accompany you when you need to seek professional help or remind you every day of your ADHD medication as much as I can.

I know many things are happening inside your head, and there are too many symptoms to deal with every day. I'll support you by doing simple things like helping you solve your minor problems or letting you know how much I love you during the good and bad days. 😘

Before we started our relationship, we already discussed several things. And since we are both adults, let's keep an open line of communication and respect each other as much as we can to avoid misunderstandings. 💏 I know doing these things can strengthen our relationships furthermore.

Loving Someone with ADHD: Learned to be Kind, Patient, and to Respect our Needs

Most people would not understand how hard it is to wrestle with your ADHD signs and continue living everyday life. I know how hard it is for you, and I admire your strength and courage, so I'll always be there to support you. I understand that ADHD can interfere with many aspects of our lives, and as partners, we need to share and discuss this matter to resolve and improve them together.

As your non ADHD partner, keeping clear communication skills should be one of the things we should try to be good at. Talking with one another and maintaining that good relationship between us is a part of the strategies we need to have to have a better life. We are not alone in this battle so let's fight together. Please know that I am always with you in life and your ADHD journey.

People with ADHD are Lovable

ADHD and Loving Someone with ADHD: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it possible for people with ADHD to enter a romantic relationship?

Yes, it is definitely possible. There may be challenges considering the symptoms of ADHD may affect the relationship, but with proper treatment and open communication, the partners can thrive.

How does ADHD affect the relationship?

Partners with ADHD might become inattentive or compulsive, hence, their non-ADHD partner may feel ignored or neglected. Likewise, some people with ADHD may feel like they are always being criticized.

What symptoms of ADHD can affect the relationship?

Symptoms like being forgetful, impulsive, and inattentive can have a negative impact on the relationship. On top of that, some people with ADHD may be prone to emotional outbursts that can lead to misunderstandings. ‍

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