Living with ADHD in childhood vs adulthood.

Navigating Life with ADHD: Strategies for Success

Living with ADHD involves embracing structured routines and strategies to enhance focus, organization, and emotional well-being, while seeking support from a community that understands the ADHD experience.

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Having ADHD is Not All Negative

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can sometimes take a toll on our daily lives 😞. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, ADHD adults can experience difficulties in two or more settings on top of the ADHD symptoms that they may have. This can include the school, work, or home setting, and the challenges can range from maintaining concentration and problem-solving to impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Several challenges can be felt by an adult ADHD person. As someone diagnosed late with ADHD, I've had my fair share of the ADHD experience. From inner restlessness and impulsive spending, which caused my financial difficulties 💸, and difficulties in completing tasks, all I can say is that it takes a lot of effort to manage my ADHD life.

When you have ADHD and don't have the proper support and mindset to tackle the condition, it can cause more issues and feelings of helplessness. If we force our way out of all the ADHD struggles that we have, things can be more challenging, especially with family relationships, work, and our mental health.

Understanding our ADHD brain 🧠 should be at the top of our list to address our mental health problems. By doing so, we tend to be kinder to ourselves and be more patient in battling our difficulties. We also learn to accept our challenges and know they are part of our lives.

Discovering Life with ADHD

After a few years of questioning my behavior and struggling to fit in, I was overwhelmed when I was diagnosed. It was not easy to accept Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at first. All I could think of was my low self-esteem after being told of the ADHD symptoms that I always had. After I calmed down, I could focus on the meaning of my ADHD diagnosis. Finally, I have a name for the overwhelming feelings I always struggled to manage. The relief came over me like a refreshing rain 🤗. 

The most important thing that I have discovered is that having ADHD does not make me any less of a person. I may be different from other people and have trouble focusing on my work, but this does not mean that I will never be successful. With the right approach and effort, I can do anything I want.

I may have difficulties in managing my time ⏳, organizing my tasks, and prioritizing them, or get easily distracted, but this does not mean that I am a failure or will never achieve something good in life.

I Still Get to Enjoy Things I Like

You might wonder, "How do adults with ADHD enjoy their lives if they are always at an increased risk of stress because of their ADHD symptoms?" Like in a neurotypical world, we can still enjoy our favorite hobbies (even though we may have tons of them), watch long movies, or read books that spark our interests 📚. Actually, when we are in a hyper-focus state, we can spend uninterrupted hours with complete absorption of what we are doing. ADHD creativity makes us fully immersed and gets us hooked on what we are doing, especially if it is something that interests us.

Channeling our energy into something positive and focusing on what we like to do can be a significant morale boost for us despite having ADHD symptoms that could sometimes make our lives challenging. For example, to reduce the chronic stress that we are experiencing, we can divert our attention to other tasks that we enjoy doing. I'd still like to play video games 🎮 for a considerable amount of time to relieve my anxiety and take my mind off things.

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The ADHD Coffee Talk

As we try to advocate awareness regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, we must converse with people with the same condition and exchange our experiences 🧑‍🤝‍🧑. I always had difficulties connecting with people. There are moments when I have poor social skills, but there are also times when my social battery is full. But when I have the energy to relate with other adults with ADHD, I always see that I listen and learn how to manage an ADHD adult life.

When we let ourselves know how ADHD affects other people, we learn more about how to manage it and create successful strategies for handling our lives with ADHD. This can also help us prevent relationship problems, understand our bodies' sleep requirements or diet, and more.

By having regular coffee talks with people who understand our struggles, we can connect with someone who will not judge us for our behavior or mistakes. We can also share tips to help each other conquer our everyday battles. But remember, ADHD and caffeine might affect our sleeping patterns, and it is better to be mindful of this ☕.

Even Though We Have ADHD Struggles

ADHD affects our everyday lives in countless ways. With the right approach, treatment, and medication 💊, we can still continue to manage our daily lives and enjoy the things we love. We can always find creative solutions to cope with life's stresses while having fun.

Even if we struggle with our time management skills, there are ways that we can adapt to prevent being late to meetings or missing deadlines 📅. When adult ADHD symptoms affect our self-esteem and relationships with other people, we can still find ways to improve our communication and social skills. Utilizing our strengths and weaknesses, we can still make it through the day without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

At the end of the day, it is essential to remember that even though we have our struggles with ADHD, it does not define us, and we can still live an everyday life that is filled with more joy and pleasure 💗. It is essential to recognize that although having ADHD might limit us in some aspects, there are still ways of living a successful and fulfilling life while striving to reach our goals despite the challenges that come with it.

ADHD Life FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does ADHD impact your life?

The impacts of ADHD vary from person to person. Some have short attention spans and are easily distracted; others have impulsive tendencies and hyperactivity. So, really, it depends on the type of ADHD you have and the ways you take to manage your symptoms. When you manage it well, the impact may not be so big that it will disrupt our lives.

Why is having an official diagnosis important? 

Having an official diagnosis gives clarity as to what you’re experiencing. It also frees you from the guilt of having the symptoms. For example: you’ll know that you’re not really careless, it’s just that ADHD makes you prone to committing mistakes; you’re not lazy, it’s just that you can become so distracted you fail to accomplish tasks.

Can people with ADHD live a fulfilling life?

Of course! With the right intervention ranging from counseling, therapy, and medicines, and the support and love from the people around you, you can be successful and fulfilled in life! 

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