ADHD Self-Assessment Workbook by Alice

Assess Yourself with 25 Illustrated ADHD Traits

Think you might have ADHD? This workbook is made for you. Assess yourself peacefully at home with this friendly workbook made by a late-diagnosed ADHD brain. Start your diagnosis journey with confidence! See what's inside.

"Before I got my ADHD diagnosis at 29 I struggled with loneliness, confusion, and shame. This printable workbook is what I wish I had when I was younger and I'm hoping it helps others just like me."

Alice, The Mini ADHD Coach

Learn about my story

What's Inside

Every ADHD Symptom Explained

Within the workbook, each ADHD symptom is thoroughly explored on its own informative page, featuring:

- Real-life examples that vividly illustrate each symptom.

- Insightful details on how symptoms can be masked or overlooked.

- Relatable illustrations to help visualize and understand the symptom.

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Score Your ADHD Symptoms Easily

Each symptom also has a dedicated self-assessment page, helping you evaluate how the symptom impacts various aspects of your life. This evaluation is based on established official assessment criteria.

Understand the Complete ADHD Experience

The workbook is divided into three key sections: Inattentive Symptoms, Hyperactive/Impulsive Symptoms, and Unofficial Symptoms. This structure aims to offer a complete view of the ADHD experience, enabling thorough self-assessment and a deeper understanding of its diverse characteristics.

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A Safe Space for Your Memories

Each symptom features two journaling pages with guided prompts, aiding in recording and organizing your related experiences. This structured approach facilitates reflection and deeper understanding of your experiences.

Visualize Your Unique ADHD Profile

The workbook features graphs that allow you to map your unique ADHD profile by visualizing scores for each symptom. This provides a clear, visual understanding of your specific ADHD experiences, aiding in self-awareness and personal insight.

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Tips to Start Your Diagnosis Journey

The last part of the workbook is designed to help with your ADHD diagnosis journey. Here, you'll find easy-to-understand tips and answers to the questions you might have. This section makes the whole process simpler and more supportive, helping you navigate your diagnosis with confidence.

Use Digitally or Print at Home

Upon purchase, you'll receive two PDF versions of the workbook: a colorful one for digital use and a black and white copy, perfect for easy home printing. Both are designed to ensure you have a comfortable and accessible experience with the content.

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"What if it's not right for me 🙁 ?"

If you don't find the workbook useful I'll refund you ☺️💕

"Is the workbook a diagnosis tool ?"

No ! THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS TOOL. Only a health professional can diagnose ADHD. I am not a professional 🚫

This workbook is made to help you understand ADHD and how the symptoms of ADHD could affect your life. Ideally, this tool should be used when you are waiting for an official diagnosis

"Is it a book or a PDF ?"

The workbook is a PDF file of 67 pages. You can print it or use it digitally.

Photo of Alice, aka the creator of The Mini ADHD Coach.

My Story

Hi 😊 !My Name is Alice,
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 29.

This late diagnosis changed my life as I finally understood why I struggled with so many things 😦 !

Just like you, one day I started to wonder if I had ADHD
I remember that it was a very confusing moment 😔

I felt alone and guilty of even allowing myself to explore the idea of having ADHD  !

That's  why I made this workbook ☺️ !

Because I've been there, I want to help you get rid of your imposter syndrome and allow yourself to start your diagnosis journey.

Finally understanding myself changed my life. You deserve to get answers too 😌💕✨