Ceci Alba, diagnosed with ADHD at 18 in Mexico

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1. What made you decide to have your diagnosis?

My psychiatrist diagnosed me, I had many doubts but with his guidance I felt relieved to have a diagnosis and to see that I was not "a bad person"

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2. What do you do for a living?

I'm studying

3. What is your ADHD presentation?


4. How were your school years?

I was quite controlled with schedules, alarms and applications to be organized. However, I was always very restless and distracted, for which they constantly scolded me.

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5. Looking back, what was an obvious ADHD trait in your childhood?

My hyperactivity and impulsivity

6. Was it difficult to get a diagnosis?

I never would have imagined having ADHD because I viewed people with ADHD in a very stereotypical way, my psychiatrist informed me and I feel better now with my diagnosis

7. How did you prepare yourself for your diagnosis?

I request information about ADHD and I completed tests given by my psychiatrist

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8. How did you feel right after getting your diagnosis?

I felt relieved, I thought that I was a bad person and that I was "broken", seeing that it was not so relieved me a lot

9. How do you feel about it now?

I feel calm, although I am worried about the high cost of methylphenidate in my country

10. Do you think you "look like" the ADHD stereotype?

No, from an outside view no. But from within, yes, and I think, how did I not realize it before?

11. What are you struggling with because of your ADHD brain?

I have difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships

12. What are your ADHD strengths ?

my hyper concentration

13. Did your ADHD diagnosis help you?

Definitely yes

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14. Do you feel your life could have gone the other way if you'd been diagnosed earlier?

Definitely yes

15. What was your family/friends' reaction to your diagnosis?

They couldn't believe my diagnosis because I've always been "smart and good at school"

16. Do you have any comorbid disorders or neurological conditions?

I have major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder

17. Do you deal with anxiety?


18. Did people around you make you doubt yourself during your diagnosis journey?


19. Do you ever doubt your diagnosis now?

No, I'm sure I'm an ADHD girl

20. How has the diagnosis changed the way you live?

I am more patient with myself

21. How do you feel about medication?

Something sad because it is expensive in my country and its access is a privilege

22. What was the thing that helped you most in your daily life? 

Apps and alarms

23. What advice would you give someone who is wondering if they have ADHD?

I would recommend free places where they can access a professional to confirm the diagnosis

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