This Device Mimics The Way Our Bodies Wake In Nature

Hatch Restore 2 Sound Machine & Alarm
Starting From $199.00

ADHD Problem of the Week: “I struggle to get to sleep!”

Why It Matters:

🚀 A well-rested brain just works better! It helps you focus and process information much faster, leading to better performance at work, school, and in building strong relationships.

😌 When you have a good night's sleep, your mood stays steady, and your emotions are easier to manage. It helps you control your impulses and make better decisions.

📊 When you make quality sleep a priority, it naturally supports your organization and attentiveness. You may find managing responsibilities becomes easier, leading to a boost in overall productivity and happiness!

Solution Of The Day: Hatch Sound Machine & Alarm

🔁 Use the Hatch Restore 2 sound machine to establish a consistent routine with the same wake and sleep times every day, training your mind to wind up and down on your schedule and promoting better sleep patterns.

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