Special Book Engages Your Creativity Instead Of Scrolling

642 Things to Draw Book

ADHD Problem of the Week: “I can't stop scrolling on social media!"

Why It Matters:

⌛️ We can use the time we take back from endless scrolling to work on fulfilling personal or creative projects!

🧠 Jumping from one IG reel, TikTok, or YouTube short to another has been proven to lower the brain's attention span, something many of us already struggle with.

💪 Spending time away from the constant barrage of ‘perfect’ people and lifestyles on social media can help us re-regulate our emotions and self esteem!

Solution Of The Day: Things to Draw Book

🎨 Keep a book of drawing prompts next to the couch or chair you most often get stuck 'doomscrolling' in. When you feel the urge to scroll, grab a book and start engaging your creativity instead!

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