ADHD Creator Gives 1 minute Of Advice On Calming Your Nervous System

ADHD folks tend to have highly exciteable nervous systems. This can lead to stress, tension and anxiety.

In this 1 minute video we found from Chris of @happinessinmovement1 you can learn a few simple exercises to calm your brain and body down!

@happinessinmovement1 The ADHD brain is more excitable than most. We’re constantly trying to analyse stimuli from all around and we have multiple thought patterns occurring at once. This can get very overwhelming! Practicing slow deep breathing helps to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which is in charge of rest & recovery. Try doing it for a few minutes and see how you feel! 😁🤝🏻 #adhdbreathing #adhdselfhelp #adhdselfcare #adhdadvice #adhdtipsandtricks #adhdbrain #adhdbrains #adhdbrainsbelike #adhdbrainslovethis #thingsthathelpmyadhd ♬ original sound - Chris | MH & ADHD

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