ADHD Content Creator Shares Simple 'Switch' To Quit Doom Scrolling

It can be extremely difficult to pull ourselves away from scrolling on TikTok or Instagra when we have ADHD. ☠️

We found this excellent hack from content creator Beth @livingwith.adhd that might make it a bit easier!

@livingwith.adhd ADHD hacks I learnt from TikTok - part 2. This hack is for anyone addicted to the dopamine their phone gives them, and who can’t break away from social media scrolling. Using greyscale on my iPhone has really helped me fall asleep earlier as my brain gets bored a lot quicker and I no longer doom scroll all evening. #adhdhack #adhdtips #adhdinwomen #adhduk #phoneaddiction #adhdtipsandtricks #adhddopamine #adhddoomscrolling ♬ original sound - Beth | ADHD 🧠

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