ADHD & Self-Hate

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many people with ADHD struggle with a very negative vision of themselves...
it can even lead to self-ate...
this can happen because we feel like we are failing different aspects of our life...
and because we can get a lot of negative feedback throughout the years...
self-hate can lead us to withdraw socially, or to engage in self destructive behaviors..
if you struggle with self-hate try to practice self-compassion
and remember it's ok to ask for help!

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. If you are experiencing symptoms of ADHD, it’s best to see a professional for a diagnosis.

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The Mini ADHD Coach

I created The Mini ADHD Coach in august 2020 when I was just diagnosed with ADHD at 29. After years of questioning, therapy, burnouts and chaotic career path changes I finally understood why I was struggling with so many things. So I decided to share what I learned to raise awareness around ADHD and help the ADHD community thrive.

ADHD & Stimming

Do you stim 👀 ?Like many, for a long time, I thought only autistic people were stimming 🤔But since my ADHD diagnosis, I’ve learned that it’s also common for people with ADHD to stim 😊 !Everyone can stim! For example, it's pretty common to click your pen when you are taking an exam 😬🖊But for neurodiverse people, stimming can be more intense and frequent 😌I originally posted this in December, but as I get many questions about this topic, I thought it would be nice to post it again 💕

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You Can Have ADHD, Be Shy & Quiet

Are you shy and quiet too 👀 ?I wanted to do something special for #ADHDAwarenessMonth so I invited a few artists to make beautiful illustrations about ADHD. This first one was made by the talented @thanhd 💕 !Do you like to see The Mini ADHD Coach like this? Should we make more 🙈 ?This way I hope we can raise even more awareness about ADHD ✨ !

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ADHD and object permanence: All you need to know

Did you know about object permanence 👀?Learning about it while making this post helped me understand some of my struggles 😅 🥦 Why I forget vegetables for weeks in my fridge 👓 Why I never put my glasses in a drawer 😱 Why I often forget bills when there is no physical letter 📱 Why I often fail to respond to messagesDo you struggle with these too?

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Why Sleep is Complicated with ADHD

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