Masking Hyperactive ADHD & Inattentive ADHD

Do you mask your hyperactivity 😱 ? Many people with ADHD are masking so well that they don’t even know they are hyperactive 😅 ! I was like that ! I wondered how I could get sooo tired at the end of some days 💀 Now I understand that masking can be exhausting 😞 !

Table of Contents

refraining from interrupting or talking "too much"

trying to control the need to do some things...

Hiding creative ideas

finally unleashing energy when no one is around!

always remember that ADHD is complex...
many people with inattentive adhd traits
because they can make "careless" mistakes
because they can struggle to focus on a conversation
because they can forget things...
because they can lose things easily...
because they can be late..
masking and compensating inattentive ADHD traits can be exhausting...

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. If you are experiencing symptoms of ADHD, it’s best to see a professional for a diagnosis.

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The Mini ADHD Coach

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