How ADHD Can Impact Work

Does ADHD affect your work 👀 ?I had many jobs in the past and they where all impacted by my ADHD traits (even though I wasn’t diagnosed yet 😅)🔪 When I worked in a restaurant I struggled a lot with time management👩✈️ I lost a job as a receptionist because I couldn’t manage verbal instructions🤓 I worked many years as a freelance writer because I was excited to start new projects all the timeEven though ADHD can have negative impact on your career, I’m convinced it can also be an asset in certain situations ☺️🙌✨💕

Table of Contents

difficulties with organization
excited by new projects
struggling with time
bored by repetitive tasks
confused by verbal instructions
learning fast when interested

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. If you are experiencing symptoms of ADHD, it’s best to see a professional for a diagnosis.

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The Mini ADHD Coach

I created The Mini ADHD Coach in august 2020 when I was just diagnosed with ADHD at 29. After years of questioning, therapy, burnouts and chaotic career path changes I finally understood why I was struggling with so many things. So I decided to share what I learned to raise awareness around ADHD and help the ADHD community thrive.

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