The Perfect ADHD Memes to Help You Cheer Up

Here are some of the most relatable ADHD Memes to brighten up your day or give you a good laugh.

Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

A perfect smile won't hurt you, as well as a little laugh from one of these relatable comic strip from @mostlyadhd from Facebook.

Just like him, I often experience being trapped in this situation 😅 As soon as I have decided that I need to do my chores, I end up doing another task in the middle of it and eventually don't finish anything at the end of the day.

When You Have ADHD and Have Conversation With a Friend...

They say building your support system is an essential part of having ADHD. These friends or colleagues should understand you regardless of what ADHD symptom you may let them experience. But when they are talking about the topics they are interested at, what really happens inside your ADHD brain?

from u/Jezzarella in a reddit thread

A Little Bit Of ADHD Memes and Understanding ADHD

As An Undiagnosed ADHD Child, Don't Let Someone Else Experience This

I have spent my childhood always wondering what is wrong with me. As a child with no clue that I have ADHD, I didn't understand why I was struggling with so many things. That's why we strive hard to spread awareness to everyone, ADHD is not a joke, it is not a trend. Don't let anyone experience the struggles you are going through right now. It's not someone else's fault, it is just their lack of understanding when it comes to ADHD.

Thank you to our friend @adhd_memetherapy for this illustration

ADHD is Not Equivalent To Laziness, We're Just Uninterested

There are times before I go to bed and sleep, I look forward to tomorrow being a productive day. But, of course, when I wake up, my ADHD brain won't let me do things! I don't think I am a lazy person, but rather, I feel like I am demotivated, experiencing burnout, or just really up for the challenge of procrastinating and doing everything at once!

My ADHD Brain: Trust Me,
I Got This.

They say having an ADHD Brain sometimes gives you special talents when it comes to divergent thinking and "the box never existed" mindset. However, can we really trust our ADHD brain when it comes to being forgetful and idea execution?

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Which Site Is Your Favorite When it Comes to ADHD Memes?

You can visit our friends from @adhd_memetherapy on Instagram as they produce ADHD memes that always hit me hard. Head over to their account to see more of this content.

Is it True That ADHD Can Cause Anxiety and Depression?

Yes and No. Sometimes, when the environment around us gives us hard time accepting who we really are, it can lead to anxiety and depression. Other times, it is already there and our ADHD symptoms are getting in the way for them to be diagnosed. But whichever the case may be, please seek professional help.

Why Are You Still Here? Aren't There Things That You Need To Do?

Time blindness can be an ADHD symptom that you may be experiencing. There are moments when we think we have too much time to spend on things that we are interested in, but in reality, it is our ADHD brain that tells us that we can push off the important tasks aside for later.

ADHD stories about this topic

Amy, diagnosed with ADHD at 21 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Diagnosed at:

1. What made you decide to have your diagnosis?

Finally acceptance. I have a brother with advance TEA so I didn't want to admit that I am not neurotypical either. But I knew that I needed help. Also studying psychology helped a lot

ADHD stories about this topic

Looking back, what was an obvious ADHD trait in your childhood?

“My parents always called me a daydreamer, constantly lost in my own world, was frequently locked out of the house when I forgot keys, could never keep my room clean no matter how much I wanted too...”

Could you have ADHD?