Lydia, diagnosed with ADHD at 27 in Germany

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1. What made you decide to have your diagnosis?

I struggled with normal live after a breakup and first time living alone since ever. Told my mom. She told me about ADHD. Then researched a lot.

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2. What do you do for a living?

Legal secretary.

3. What is your ADHD presentation?


4. How were your school years?

School was never difficult for me. But I’ve could be better, if I had been more attentive and concentrated.

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5. Looking back, what was an obvious ADHD trait in your childhood?

I started projects/hobbies. But they didn’t went long. Also I'm forgetting a lot.

6. Was it difficult to get a diagnosis?

Not really. I searched for a specialist in ADHD, found him 1 hour away and made an appointment. From first thinking and researching about adhd and my final diagnosis it only lasts 5 months.

7. How did you prepare yourself for your diagnosis?

I already thought I’d probably will have ADHD. That would be a missing puzzle piece. And if not, I hoped for help for the doctors in other ways.

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8. How did you feel right after getting your diagnosis?

Happy. I went outside after the appointment, started crying. I texted my Male best friend and drove home.

9. How do you feel about it now?

It’s just two days ago. Still happy. Like I passed an exam. Also overwhelmed (a big change, not everybody understands and not knowing what will come next).

10. Do you think you "look like" the ADHD stereotype?

Definitely not. Nobody knew that I’m struggling in the inside. And if there wasn’t the Lunch with my mom, I wouldn’t be diagnosed today.

11. What are you struggling with because of your ADHD brain?

I'm losing thoughts all the time, daily tasks at home, birthdays/appointments, new tasks at work,…

12. What are your ADHD strengths ?

I can learn really quick if I’m interested, love useless knowledge.

13. Did your ADHD diagnosis help you?

I think it will help. Start medication today. We will see, but I’m positive.

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14. Do you feel your life could have gone the other way if you'd been diagnosed earlier?

Probably I would have better grates in school. But now I’m grown up and don’t need these anymore. So it probably wouldn’t be that much different.

15. What was your family/friends' reaction to your diagnosis?

I told my dad about my thoughts to maybe have ADHD. He said it’s because if being vegan since a year. So he don’t understand and I will probably not tell him about the diagnosis. Later this day I will tell my mom. We both have the same doctor (but he doesn’t know). She will probably be happy with me.My best friends are happy for me too. My male best friend was diagnosed with ADHD in primary school.

16. Do you have any comorbid disorders or neurological conditions?

Nobody diagnosed it yet but I think anxiety and depression are big topics in my life.

17. Do you deal with anxiety?

Meeting new people gets me anxiety. I only enter the room/event with a friend to not being alone. I also avoid confrontations or negative vibes.

18. Did people around you make you doubt yourself during your diagnosis journey?

No, I’d never did. The only one I had listened were the doc. But he confirmed.

19. Do you ever doubt your diagnosis now?

No, I’m pretty sure it was the missing part.

20. How has the diagnosis changed the way you live?

Nothing changed yet. But probably I will do more lists in future.

21. How do you feel about medication?

I hope it will help. I heard positive and negative about medication. It depends on the patient I guess.

22. What was the thing that helped you most in your daily life? 

Until now a calendar an my to do lists.

23. What advice would you give someone who is wondering if they have ADHD?

Do research and consult a specialist in ADHD. If not, he/she will maybe offer you other possible diagnosis.

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